The Trenchard Practice

Philip has been in practice in counselling/psychotherapy/family therapy for over 25 years, developing a working style which is warm, approachable and based on integrating different models of therapy according to the needs of the client. He has worked in the private sector, voluntary sector and the NHS, and has built up a reputation in the field for his ability to form strong working alliances with his clients, even those who have previously been resistant to the idea of therapy. He is currently working in his private practice from rooms in, Great James St  in London as well as his rooms in Stroud, Gloucestershire.

Over the years Philip has developed specialist expertise in supporting the particular needs of high profile and high net worth clients, many of whom discover him through personal recommendation. He has curated retreats in this country and abroad and has developed a therapy and treatment package bringing in practitioners to individuals homes, "Home Treat". He has also designed Family Enrichment activities involving outdoor adventure and art and craft work.